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Instructional Design IA / Interaction Design UX / Visual Design Misc. Tech Writing Print Design & Production
RECENT INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN & TECHNICAL WRITING (Flash, RoboHelp, Captivate, WordPress, FrameMaker, PDF & more. )
Yieldex (a/k/a YieldEdge) User Guide (application end user):
Yieldex User Guide (design, production, technical writing) [Contact us for access]
Tremor Video (f/k/a Tremor Media) User Guides (colorful WordPress theme plays nice with RoboHelp guides in novel instructional design): (interaction design, UX, production, technical writing)

Tremor Video Sample User Guide (developer to developer):
Acudeo Component Integration Guide AS3 (design, production, technical writing)

SunGard IQ.Web Implementation (remote, self-paced faculty training - RoboHelp Flash) : (design, production, technical writing)
(Note: Please refresh page if Flash sidebar navigation fails to load in new browser window.)

SunGard IQ.Web Implementation (remote, self-paced faculty training combining PDF with Captivate video demos) : (design, production, technical writing)
CAPTIVATE DEMOS used in conjunction with self-paced faculty training PDF above:  
SunGard IQ.Web Implementation (remote, self-paced student training - RoboHelp Flash) : (design, production, technical writing)
SunGard PowerCampus Implementation (Admissions Dept. front desk data entry training - RoboHelp Flash) : (design, production, technical writing)
SunGard PowerCampus Implementation (Admissions Dept. data entry reference - RoboHelp Flash) : (design, production, technical writing)
SunGard PowerCampus Implementation (Admissions Dept. data entry standards reference - RoboHelp Flash) : (design, production, technical writing)
Pain as Pathology (Flash : (illustration, design, production, technical writing)
EARLY INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN (also see misc. Tech Writing below)
Instructional and Information Design (Portal Site): (design and production)
Flash MX 2004 Interactive Quiz (on Instructional Design): (authored from template)
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Please Note: Web sites of any complexity (listed below) have been based on an Information Design Flowchart and Interaction WireFrame I developed, usually on paper, for my own use in the build out. Below is the only IA documentation produced for client review currently available.

Barr & Barr wireframe and flow diagram. See also, Barr & Barr mockups.
Information design template for generic college web site.

Below is representative work since 1999.
What you see here is not the only style of work I do. Show me what you like, I can interpret it originally.

Flash MX Eye-Candy: Intro to NYCPM Convocation presentation, NY Grand Hyatt Ballroom, 6/9/03: (design and production)
Home Page Flash (a viable use case): (design and production)

Flash Portfolio Site: Miscellaneous early photography and graphic design work (design and production):

Selected Freelance Web Design: ** (design, copywriting, production - original b2b site for Wall St. backing) ** (fertility clinic) (design and production)
http:/ ** (business start-up -- 'calling card' site) (CSS design and production) ** (B2B internal showcase)(design and production)
http://www.kimstoddard/ (Art Director Kim Stoddard's Photo Portfolio Site) (production) ** (design and production) (logo design) ** (photography portfolio site) (design and production) ** (based on Group IV print design, for CD-ROM distribution) (production)
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Interactive Agency - Early work selected from dozens of sites designed and built (Jan.—Nov. 2000):
My Custom Design* Customized Template Sites* ** ** ** ** ** **
(*all design and production) (*extensive design, all production)
Quark/Illustrator/Photoshop Portal Site: (design and production)
InDesign CS Brochure (in progress): (design and production)
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See Instructional Design work, at top of page . I was responsible for all writing and editing, as well as instructional design & layout.
(un)Technical writing sample re: Transferring Files, Settings & Apps to New Computer, see
(un)Technical writing sample re: The Quark Book, see (17 Kb)
(un)Technical writing sample re: Setting Scan Resolution, see (232Kb)
Writing sample re: Web Design, see
Contact and Feedback
**Much of the original work presented here was for startup enterprises and investor showcase, where the employer or client subsequently made changes to their public site in which this designer had no part. E-commerce and mailto links are disabled on the sites presented here. Complete site list available on request.
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