Your Unofficial Transcript

To view your unofficial transcript, simply click the link by that name under the My Courses heading on the left side navigation.


A table for each year/term of your enrollment appears, showing all courses for which you have registered, including those in progress for which you have not yet received a final grade. A sample year/term in which the student has completed all courses and received a final grade is shown below.



Note: In your actual unofficial transcript, transfer credits, if applicable, will be shown. Other columns, such as the Class Size and Class Rank columns, are not used at MCNY.


For a definition of terms used in the unofficial transcript table headings, please use the Glossary link at the top left of this training, or see the My Courses FAQ page. For detailed information on the meaning and computation of Quality Points and the Grade Point Average (GPA), see Section 1 of the MCNY Student Handbook , beginning at page 10.

To print out a copy of your unofficial transcript, click on the Printer Friendly icon  at the top left of the IQ.Web page; then either click the Print button on your browser window, or go to the browser's File menu, and select Print.


Note: The unofficial transcript in no way takes the place of a stamped and certified official transcript and will not be accepted by anyone requesting an official transcript from you. The IQ.Web unofficial transcript is provided for your information only.



Practice: Please switch back to the open IQ.Web browser window, click on the Unofficial Transcript link under the My Courses heading. Review your unofficial transcript for any inconsistencies with information you may have received elsewhere. If you discover any, please contact the Office of the Registrar .